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We are delighted to introduce the 2018 Syllabus for the world renowned Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, held on Tuesday 3 - Sunday 8 July, 2018.
“It has been a hellishly dificult summer: we have all struggled to ind words to match our thoughts. Then along comes Llangollen and we are reminded that ‘When words fail. music speaks’. ’we look to music for its healing qualities and the calm it brings - and that will never stop’. There has been calm a plenty. there always will be while Llangollen survives!”
Henry Matthews, Manchester
“LIME is a wonderful platform for people from all walks of life to meet and exchange culturally. We wish this could continue and grow from strength to strength. Thank you for the opportunity to participate this year.”
MotherTouch Dance Group, Zimbabwe
The Festival is held in the idyllic setting in North Wales and the competitors perform in a number of locations in North East Wales . The main competitions are held in the 4100 capacity Royal International Pavilion.
As always , the jewel in the crown of the Festival will be the Choir of The World competition , in which the inalists of 5 categories compete for the prestigious ‘Pavarotti Trophy’ as well as £3000.
Other competitions to look out for in 2018:
• Voice of the Future competition with irst prize of £6000
• Trip to the Gold Coast Eisteddfod for the winner of the International Voice of Musical Theatre
• TheJayneDaviesawardforthemostoutstandingconductorin the Choir of The World Final
• Dance Champions 2018
• Children’s Choir of The World
• Two new solo competitions for under 19 years old • InternationalAcapellaGroup
Details of all competition categories and other opportunities for participation can be found in the following pages of the syllabus or visit our website.
We look forward to welcoming you, your choir and all your supporters to Llangollen in July!
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