Covid-19 update – Participant FAQs

Please find below Frequently Asked Questions to assist Participants wishing to attend Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Will there be an Eisteddfod in 2021?

Llangollen 2021 Online will be a purely digital event, as it will not be possible for us to hold live concerts or competitions due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The online event will take place during the usual Eisteddfod week and further details will be announced soon.

What are the dates for Llangollen 2021 Online?

As we are working on finalising our programme for Llangollen 2021 Online we are not in a position to confirm the exact dates of festival yet. However, we expect that the programme will run between the 6th – 11th July 2021.

Are there any ways that I can participate in Llangollen 2021 Online?

Sadly, there will be no live competition strand or daytime programme at Llangollen in July 2021. We are working on our programme for Llangollen 2021 Online and will contact participants if there are suitable opportunities for them take part.

When will there be further news about the Llangollen 2021 Online programme?

Further details will be announced in the coming weeks on our website, through local press and on social media.

How do I get regular updates about applying for Llangollen?

If you would like to join our mailing list please subscribe to our newsletters at or send your email to You can also join our Participants Facebook page for updates.

I was meant to be attending Llangollen 2020 and paid an application fee. What happens now?

We have contacted all participants from 2020 who paid an application fee to confirm their options. If you have not received this communication please email and we will assist you.

The application fee that you have paid for 2020 was charged as a contribution to our administrative costs associated with processing your application and running our selection process. If your circumstances permit, it would greatly assist us if you allowed us to retain this fee as a donation. However, if this is not acceptable to you we will arrange a refund.

Looking ahead – what are the dates for Llangollen 2022?

The dates for Llangollen 2022 have not been announced yet but the provisional dates are the 5th – 10th July 2022. This information is provided merely as a guide for planning at this stage and is subject to change.

When will applications open for 2022?

We hope group applications for 2022 will open mid to late autumn 2021, and solo applications will open early in the New Year of 2022. You will be notified when applications are open if you are on our mailing list (as above) and details will also be included on our website and social media.

Will Accommodation be available to book for 2022?

Details of the accommodation packages that we are able to offer in 2022 will be made available when we reopen the application process.