How to get here (Overseas)

 By Air:  Groups travelling by air should, if possible, fly to the nearest airports to Llangollen, which are Manchester (96 KM) or Liverpool (84KM).

Airport Coach transfers: For an extra fee we can arrange to hire coaches on your behalf to meet you at the airport, please specify on your form if you require transfers. As an estimate only, the approximate cost of return travel is as follows:-

No. Of Seats                                                                                                                          8 16 26 33 49/55
Manchester/Llangollen/Manchester £345 £590 £685 £725 £815
Heathrow/Llangollen/Heathrow £860 £1300 £1500 £1620 £1780
London/Llangollen/London £895 £1310 £1525 £1625 £1800
Stanstead/Llangollen/Stanstead £895 £1310 £1525 £1625 £1800
Gatwick/Llangollen/Gatwick £1000 £1420 £1625 £1750 £1930
Birmingham/Llangollen/Birmingham £400 £660 £760 £800 £895
Luton/Llangollen/Luton £765 £1210 £1375 £1470 £1640
Holyhead/Llangollen/Holyhead £400 £660 £760 £800 £895
Liverpool/Llangollen/Liverpool £310 £560 £650 £700 £780

Please note that the 16, 26/29 and 32 seat coaches have limited luggage capacity and I would recommend using these vehicles for a maximum of 12, 20 and 26 passengers respectively unless the group are travelling with hand luggage only.

All the above costs include airport permit/parking charges and also include billeting if the group are travelling directly to their accommodation.

Local Transport

If you do not have your own coach, we can arrange transport each morning to bring groups to the Eisteddfod grounds and to take groups back from the grounds to your accommodation in the evening, the cost of this is included in the accommodation fees. In each case, your group leader should arrange the time for the coaches with your group’s allocated host.

If you do not have your own coach and wish to return to your accommodation at other times during the day, this can be arranged at your own expense, directly with the coach company, subject to availability of coaches. Coach costs for additional journeys should be paid to the coach company directly at the time of booking.

If you are travelling with your own coach please let us know if you intend to keep your coach during your stay at Llangollen. Accommodation for coach drivers can be arranged. Please contact the Competitor Liaison Officer by email for details of any reimbursement for your daily travel costs in your own coach. Please note this will be for one round trip per day only.