What our participants say…

“We had the most amazing time and in the 10 years the Choir has been running, we have never had such a buzz. The audiences were engaged from start to finish with people singing along, dancing and stopping to listen. We feel privileged to have been able to give so much happiness to so many people of all nationalities.”
Helen Vereker Singers (Hereford, UK)

“We expected a lot, but what we got was so much more. Every time we felt as if it could not get any better, it got better! We are truly thankful for the chance to partake in this incredible event.”
Snowe Choir (Netherlands)

“That was an unforgettable spectacle, an unforgettable festival. We were particularly struck by the natural beauty of Llangollen. We and our children will remember the friendly atmosphere at the festival for a long time. Our children seemed like they were in a fairy tale!”
Tasiana Semchanka and Iryna Filipchanka, Rovesnik Dancers (Belarus)

“We enjoyed every moment of the event. Everyone was so very friendly and helpful…We were SO VERY IMPRESSED by the stage, it was absolutely beautiful with all those wonderful flowers. The lighting and sound system were also very impressive…Such wonderful hospitality, we loved every moment.”
Ally Law and all members of DaleDiva (UK)

“The competition was a really wonderful experience…It was an eye-opener to see so many talented young people coming together to perform to such a high standard. I really think each and every one of them is already a winner. We met many wonderful people during our trip and were overwhelmed by the beauty of Llangollen and the hospitality of its people. We will definitely be back.”
Hwee Min & Jun Yi (Singapore)